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What Makes Les Paul Guitars Special?

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Gibson_Les Paul GuitarsThe Gibson Les Paul guitar was the beginning of the history of electric guitar and has held the position at the forefront of technology designed for guitar. Two key elements make the Les Paul Guitar Les Paul Special, the vision itself is an excellent guitarist and an avid inventor, and the fact that the Gibson Guitar Company has always been very high standards of excellence and not for their titles.

Les Paul is often credited with the invention of the solid body electric guitar, and participation in the Gibson models was more or less just a happy coincidence. When he was a teenager, tried Performer strengthening a normal acoustic guitar, so it was by the public to hear. The feedback has finally led to the entrance to the neck of a guitar Epiphone remove a wooden block. It was so strange looking that musical talent Les »was not taken seriously, to put wings on the side of the wood so it looks like a conventional guitar shape.

The driving force behind the economic and artistic success of the Les Paul guitar was the desire of the Gibson Guitar Corporation, a solid body model electric guitar with the name of an established market guitarist. Currently, in early 1950, Les Paul was the most popular electric guitar player of the season. It was a great triumph for Gibson to approve the guitarist, who designed and had his own electric guitar was sold a foundation for a solid electric guitar from his friend, Leo Fender would be a snare. Finally, after a number of changes in the appearance of a new guitar, Gibson, Les Paul, allowing the publication of his name.

There are a number of design elements that stand in the line of Les Paul guitars. Strings on a guitar Les Paul mounted “hollow body style” at the top of the guitar rather than usual from the body compared to other brands of solid body guitars. This is merely a stylistic distinction, not the sound of the guitar. The characteristic warm tone of the Les Paul guitars has been selected because of the wood from the Gibson models. How should I expect from a guitar man whose own guitar design was nicknamed the “protocol”, Les Paul guitars are also heavier and thicker than other solid guitars that have been approved. Both Gibson Les Paul and company were fans of starting with substance and accumulation of heaps of style, so most Les Paul-model guitars feature flashy inlays on the neck and head.

The Gibson Guitar Corporation has several models under the name Les Paul. With names like Classic, Supreme, Standard, Studio Baritone, Studio, Goddess, Menace, New Century has, Vixen, Special, Doublecuts and Melody Maker, each its own sound. Between 1969 and 1979, Gibson himself is marketing a range of bass Les Paul. The Gibson Les Paul guitars emulated by other companies like Ibanez and Tokai. The legal wrangles surrounding these attempts to copy Les Paul guitars are included only collecting them.



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