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Playing guitar with my favorite songs!

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electric_guitar_easy_tipsPlaying Guitar and other music instruments can be very entertaining not only that you can sing along with the tune of your favorite music but also sing songs that are played by your favorite bands. I myself love to play my favorite bands music like Silverchair and Nirvana, and even though they are quite an old band I still love to sing their songs and remember the old days when I am on high school with my band mates and playing on the stage like a real rock star band member. Those where the old days when I really enjoyed playing my drums with my twin brother on lead vocals and guitar and my friend Andrew on bass. We are a trio band like those bands I love and I definitely love to play once more if we can get a chance to reunite and take the opportunity to play with our instrument singing our favorite music songs by two band legends like nirvana and silverchair. How about you do you play guitar or any kind of instrument? If not then you are missing a lot!



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