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Blues Guitar Influence On Modern Music

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Who in contemporary music, sooner or later asks interested in the question, “Where does it start?” Well, if you have music from blues guitar, there is a large part of the answer. Let’s see where the blues where he went and who met on the road came. We also consider the “blues guitar sound” and that the only effect on our feelings.

The blues as a musical phenomenon began in 1911 when WC Handy published popular songs, especially “Memphis Blues” and “St Louis Blues”, which has affected the hearts and souls of the black population. Of the twenty for the general population have been heard at the beginning of this new music through their influence in jazz. Early blues singers like Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday sang with jazz bands, others with “jug bands accompanied” by the violin, playing kazoo and washboard.

Of course, people like WC Handy, the song placed in the church, the piano was the natural accompaniment for instrumental songs. But the guitar is portable and always so popular it was, had a place in blues and jazz. Blues guitarists like midnight guitar string Leadbelly and future e-guitarist BB King saw the guitar should be an integral part of the blues. Other blues guitarists who live in smoke-filled bars with slide guitar jam or the blade of a knife to fret the notes.

After the Second World War, young artists like Elvis Presley, Bill Haley envelope of the blues in a new package called “Rock’n’Roll” and the players of the electric blues guitar like BB King was heralding the arrival of the guitar , soon to be a major attraction for musician and audience. During the development of the blues, the guitar has always been their role in bands for solo jazz, but now in competition with the singer to the attention of the public.

Blues guitar, in any key, which will be available to you and comes in three forms: eight bars, played as “Heartbreak Hotel”, sixteen bars like “Saint James Infirmary” and twelve bars like “St. Louis Blues” . For some reason, it is the midnight blues bar format more friendly to the singer and popular with the public than the other two, and is the basis for many great songs from the genre blues.

While poking around the internet you will notice that the blues scale is just your garden variety of major and minor, except that the third, fifth and seventh notes are played flat. However, it can be stunned by the news that Blue musicians known for centuries without, run by the music theory. They learned to sing and play with their families and friends, as many young white blues musicians of the sixties learned imitation of the artist to hear the recordings.

And that’s where the blues has a different direction. After years of imitating their idols, something strange happened to the white blues guitarist in Britain and the U.S.. Develop their own authentic, original forms. The oldest blues musicians were admitted to the new arrangements of classic songs and adopting some unbluesy musical innovations of young white guitarists like Eric Clapton. So the beat goes on. A foreign culture influenced American popular music and in return receive a new entrance a new generation of guitarists from around the world.



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