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Fretlight FG-421 Standard Electric Guitar, Black

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Fretlight FG-421 Standard Electric Guitar, Black
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Price: $299.99

  • The Fretlight has an interactive Fretboard with LED’s hidden underneath for each note
  • The Fretlight is a REAL guitar with real strings and plugs into any guitar amp
  • The Fretlight lights up to show you songs, riffs, chords, scales, etc.
  • The Fretlight comes complete with over 2 hours of video lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced players!
  • Includes the FREE Fretlight StudioTM Software

Product DescriptionThe Fretlight guitar is a full size six string instrument that has a lighted built-learning system cleverly hidden underneath the fingerboard. It connects to a PC or Mac computer and free software StudioTM Fretlight allows you to light up songs, riffs, chords, scales, or even an interactive video lesson! To strict standards of Fretlight guitar Made fully adjustable, sounds great and plugs into a regular guitar amp, like any other electric guitar. The Fretlight FG-421 model is a classical guitar, including clean lines and smooth contours fit snuggly to your body. The 421 is a rugged, Humbucker custom / two single coil set-up and offers a range of sounds to choose from. The Fretlight includes 10 feet Fretlight Cable (USB Fretlight guitar), Free video lesson on video playback from software Fretlight Video Player, Fretlight truss rod key and instruction manual.
Price: $299.99
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