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Gibson Custom Custom ES-330L Electric Guitar, Beale St. Blue

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Gibson Custom Custom ES-330L Electric Guitar, Beale St. Blue
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Price: $2,499.00

  • Plain maple laminated top, back, and rims
  • Fully hollow double-cut body
  • Ultra thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • One-piece Honduran mahogany neck with long narrow tenon
  • 30/60 neck profile

Product DescriptionThe Custom Gibson ES-330L is a hollowbody electric guitar with stunning acoustic character that provides performers and songwriters with very inspiring musical tool. The craftsmen at Gibson Custom Shop ES-330 has a guitar, which did not create a reissue, but it is all very desirable qualities of the original 1959 ES-330 file, such as time-precise 17 ° angle head, and black plastic pickup up includes. It is superior to the improvements, including receivers premium tulip button and a vintage correct time 1-11/16 “nut made from Corian that provides superior strength, durability, and get musical standing. Introduced in 1959, Gibson was ES-330 is a revolution in the field of hollowbody electric guitars with unique laminate top and back, top bracing, neck block and pin. The ES-330L has the same great pairing of features-dog-ear P90 pickups and hollowbody construction, as the Epiphone Casino guitars offer from the Beatles to hit recordings such as “Taxman” and “Paperback Writer”, and most of the songs on electric guitar Sgt. Pepper. The full hollowbody Gibson ES-330L contains the best features as contractually binding only on the neck, small block pearloid inlays, with a long neck joint pins, hardware and nickel. The ES-330L body is actually hollow and has no center block, making it easy, convenient and unique resonant guitar. If not maple block center ES – 330L is free to vibrate in the sound and the weight is great. The Gibson ES-330L Electric Guitar is the preferred one piece mahogany neck for maximum effect, that both players and composers inspired. P – 90 ES hollowbody sound signature tone remains intact, whatever the setting of volume, which was announced today by the special control wiring, as the Memphis Tone Circuit. It allows a wide range of tonal variations of what many consider the best ever designed P pickup — 90. The ES-330L Electric Guitar with P-90
Price: $2,499.00
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