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G5122DC Gretsch Guitars Electromatic Electric Guitar – Black

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Gretsch Guitars G5122DC Electromatic Electric Guitar - Black
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Price: $699.99

  • Top – Laminated Maple
  • Back, Sides, and Neck – Laminated Maple
  • Fingerboard – Rosewood
  • Pickups – 2 Chrome Covered Dual Coil Humbucking Pickups
  • Bridge – Rosewood Based AdjustoMaticTM Bridge

Product DescriptionSeeing doubled; not the way, Jose! It is the double cutaway version of the classic Electromatic G5120 hollow body. The Twang Twice! Twice in style! No matter how you look, the new G5122 will steal your heart, not your (the wallet!) If you feel your body at your profile as strum your favorite chords. Professional features include Gretsch Dual-coil pickups, rosewood based Adjusto-Matic bridge, Bigsby Licensed B60 Vibrato crown & chrome-plated vintage style receivers. Color options include Black & Walnut. Crowning – Bigsby licensed B60 Vibrato culmination Pickup Switching – 3-Position Switch – Position 1 – Bridge Pickup Position 2 – Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3 – Neck Pickup Controls – Volume 1 – (Neck Pickup), Volume 2 – (Bridge Pickup) , frets, Master Tone, Master Volume 22 Hardware – Chrome Tuners – Chrome-plated Vintage Style Tuners Unique Features: – Neo Classic Thumbnail Inlay Position Markers, Black Headstock Overlay, Pearloid Gretsch Headstock Inlay, Bound Top and Back, Bound Fingerboard, Clear Plexi Pickguard, toothed belt following Knobs, Adjustable Truss RodSince 1883, when 27-year-old Friedrich Gretsch, founded a small shop in Brooklyn, New York, which has banjos, drums and cymbals, the Gretsch Company to some of the greatest guitars in the world produces over the course of four generations. With emphasis be on one side and a commitment to quality, Gretsch has pioneered new designs and manufacturing techniques, winning endorsements from some of the most respected artists in the music industry, including Chet Atkins, Bono and Neil Young. Gretsch guitars are the preferred instruments of many studio musicians and established artists looking for unique tonal quality and the recording manually.
Price: $699.99
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4 Responses

001: BassMan,

February 21st, 2010 at 9:35 pm

I own a chrome Normandy with a Bigsby. I just got it and am completely floored. All my other guitars are quickly going to become lonely. The craftsmanship here is impeccable. The design was well thought out through-out and the result is a guitar that sounds amazing, like nothing else, and plays incredibly well. I love Bigsbys, and there are plenty of guitars out now with a Bigsby, and almost everyone of them pairs it with something like the typical Gibson tune-o-matic bridge. Gretsch offers a space-control or their own roller bridge. Normandy really thought about it and offered a roller bridge which is completely adjustable in every direction. My guitar arrived with a flawless setup and near perfect intonation. This is the best bridge for use with a Bigsby I’ve seen. I own two other guitars with Bigsbys (one with a space control and one with a tune-o-matic type) and this one stays in tune and intonates far better than both of those.

An obvious draw of this guitar is the unique Aluminum construction and chrome finish, and visually yes, it’s awesome. I look cooler wearing this guitar than a dork like me has any right to expect. The real question is “great, how does that effect the sound?” The answer is, it’s actually fantastic. My fear was that it would sound tinny, metalic, and have annoying high-pitched overtones that led to uncontrollable feedback. This is not at all the case. What you get out of the aluminum body is sustain for days. Normandy also gave it a graphite nut that gives that sustain even more lasting power. The pickups are really hot, but not with the character you get out of active pickups that I find fake and annoying sounding. These sound rich, midrangy, slightly unpredictable in the harmonics, and gainy. The guitar does not produce high-end feedback at high volumes despite being a hollow-body, but I have no problem getting the richer feedback I want out of it when I really lean in.

The price is high, but not compared to Many Gibson’s or Gretsch’s which I think this hanily beats in tone quality and playability. Did I mention how awesome this looks? Seriously, even at the high price point, I think it’s a good deal. I can’t ever imagine selling this guitar, and I can’t imagine playing any of my other guitars live except in case of a tuning or broken string emergency. Les Pual–forget it, Duo Jet, not even close. Both great guitars, but they ain’t quite this one.

002: M. Squires,

February 21st, 2010 at 10:52 pm

I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a pretty guitar, but I certainly wasn’t thinking it would sound as good as it looked. This thing is not JUST pretty. It is a rock machine. I played it every night on tour through the UK and Europe and it will appear on a DVD that is included with my band’s upcoming album, as well.

Straight out of the case, this guitar played incredibly. I received it at a venue and played it that night after playing it only at sound check. It felt immediately at home in my hands and had an incredible mid-range punch that I was pleasantly surprised by. It weighs around the same as a Les Paul Custom, too, which I was happy to learn. I was expecting it to be much heavier because of the materials. It remains one of the most comfortable guitars I own to play.

Jim at Normandy guitars puts a lot of love and hard work in to these guitars and it really shows. They are stunningly good-looking, play and sound great, and people are constantly asking me about it. Find one. Play it. Get one. Love it. I did.

Mike Squires

Duff McKagan’s Loaded

Seattle, WA

003: SteveM,

February 22nd, 2010 at 1:26 am

I had the opportunity to play a Normandy guitar at a friend’s house and was just blown away. I wasn’t really sure what an all-metal body archtop would look and sound like, and I was surprised at every turn. The design and workmanship were stunning, and it’s really a player’s guitar, made by someone who knows and loves fine guitars. I don’t think I’ve played a guitar that beats it for sustain, which I attribute to the arch-top metal body. I found it incredibly cool looking, it’s the kind of guitar that on stage would add a lot of visual not to mention aural excitement. I think mainly it’s being marketed as a rock guitar, and I’m more of a blues player, but I thought it was totally killer for blues (would be interesting to hear a jazz player on it, think it would work great for that too.) I was also surprised about the price, it is really about the same as a decent mass-produced electric. Seems like a great value.

004: H. Johns,

February 22nd, 2010 at 3:55 am

I Own this Guitar! And I have to say.. this […] is Baddass. I mean the chrome is just amazing. surprisingly light ,beautifully put together, the neck is killer and the kill switch is gnarly! Ive toured the country a bunch and wish I had this one for every show, its the ULTIMATE stage guitar! When I pull it out of the case people just freak I mean people just freak out! it looks so sweet! Players look at it with there mouth open, hold it, play it, and then say where t f**ck can I get one!? The sustain is foooorrrreeeeevvveeeerrrrrrrr! the tone is deep and cool, rich…not twangy or hollow like some metal guitars and with the Hum 57 pickups this things got balls 2 the wall. The cash is alot to lose these days but the Normandy is worth the doe. I cant say enough, this is a piece of Art and it plays like a dream, It will be one of your favorite guitars I have to tell you… its mine.. with out a doubt.

A proud owner of this Awesome Instrument,

Huck Johns

Capitol records “Huck”

and current frontman of

Black Robot



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