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Kala KA-T ASAC acacia handle Tenor Ukulele

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Kala KA-ASAC-T Solid ACACIA Tenor Ukulele
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Price: $309.00

  • Unrelenting sharpness – razor-sharp blade stays sharper longer
  • Unparalleled purity
  • Quick rinse and wipe clean
  • Impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts, or other elements

Product DescriptionIn 1879, the Portuguese champions and instrument maker Manuel Nunes arrived in the Hawaiian Islands with Joao Fernandes and Augustine Dias. Immigrants who came to work the sugar plantations. Together invented and developed the ukulele, the basic design of the instruments from their homelands. Hawaiians not only impressed with the beautiful sounds these instruments could, but the speed of the fingers of these musicians, “flew across the fretboard. Said that he went back to call this instrument, the ukulele, the which translates to something like “jumping fleas”. No matter what the real story behind the uke, was most popular musical instrument of Hawaii, and far above the Portuguese champion credited. The ukulele was royal recognition at the Great as King Kalakaua, Queen Emma and Queen Lili’uokalani play this wonderful instrument. which in turn is more acceptable to the people of Hawaii. Everyone loved the learned the art of the ukulele, from fishermen and farmers, Taro kings and queens. It was in 1915 that the ukulele popularity migrated to the mainland. A Hawaiian music craze had hit in San Francisco and on the way through the country causing Ukulele increase sales. Enthusiasm also swept across the ocean to the United Kingdom. Kala Ukulele designs and manufactures top grade and is a leading brand with a comprehensive range of these fine instruments.
Price: $309.00
Average Rating: 4.5

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