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Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package

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Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package
Price: $199.00
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  • Dreadnaught Body
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Chrome Tuners

Product DescriptionYamaha guitar packages are an affordable solution for any guitarist looking for a high quality instrument with multiple accessories. Gigmaker Yamaha guitar packages are the result of 30 years experience in the construction Yamaha fantastic, affordable guitars. Yamaha is one of the most respected names in the industry and have demonstrated that there is no need to spend up to $ 1000. 00 or more a very playable instrument that sounds very own. The deluxe package includes an updated FD01S Yamaha dreadnought-size acoustic guitar with solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, chrome receivers, and the easy reproducibility and full sound quality you expect and always get from Yamaha. The package also includesGuitar concert BagElectronic TunerInstructional strapextra lessonsguitar DVD full range of guitar chord guitar PicksThis is totally complete package that absolutely everything Play now! FD01S Guitar FeaturesDreadnaught BodySolid Spruce Back & SidesRosewood finger board TopMahogany Chrome TunersThe all-in-one solution backed by a limited lifetime warranty, each package contains a variety of accessories such as guitar case, receivers, amplifiers, teaching guides and accessories guitar maintenance. Why spend hours shopping for individual components? So, grab a package that fits your budget and your needs, and spend your valuable time to begin playing guitar! The standard and deluxe guitar Gigmaker Gigmaker packagesinclude all necessary accessories and offer an easy way for first time players at an affordable entry price. Both packages crafted in fine Yamaha acoustic guitars, known for its excellent sound and can play it. Gigmaker The Standard includes a Spruce top model sh Tortoise
Price: $199.00
Average Rating: 4.5

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5 Responses

001: QuiverFull Mama,

February 23rd, 2010 at 9:33 am

I ordered this to give as a gift. Prime shipping was fast and great as usual, but the box was a single layer of cardboard and the item arrived damaged. So I asked for an exchange. That came overnight (yay Prime!), but sadly the 2 guitar was cracked. They really need to use some kind of padding with this item.

We returned both of the broken ones. Overall the quality of the guitar was very poor along with the damage in shipping. I don’t recommend this at all.

002: Buddy,

February 23rd, 2010 at 9:57 am

After reading the first review, I bought this for a 7 year old. It was so cheaply made that I was embarassed to give it even to a child. If I don’t give it to a neighbor, I likely will throw it away. I couldn’t even tune it to where it sounded tolerable. I went out the next day and purchased another guitar to give as a gift. If you want to learn to play guitar, the instrument must have a minimal level of quality. Purchase this if sound and quality are unimportant and you’Emedia Eg07091 Essential Guitar Packre only looking for piece of painted wood with 6 adjustable strings.

003: G. Robert Arnold,

February 23rd, 2010 at 11:37 am

Received this guitar right after Christmas, it was so poorly packed that when I opened the box, the top cover of the guitar was completely detached. There was no protection in the packaging what so ever.

Upon further investigation, I also noticed that it was all nylon strings. Basically it a kiddy guitar to be bought to mess around on, not to actually learn or play. I would avoid purchasing at all costs. There are much better First time or learner guitars out there. I know Targets First Act series are way better than this option.

004: Ryan Gelinas,

February 23rd, 2010 at 12:38 pm

I had wanted to learn to play the guitar after many failed attempts over the years. This came up as a gold box deal, so I thought what the heck and ordered it, as I had seen many positive reviews of the eMedia software. I received the package and it was *very* light. I opened it up and laughed as it looked like a kids toy. I decided that I better not waste my money and returned this kit and to go ahead and invest in a decent starter instrument (I bought a Seagull Coastline S6 Burst GT Guitar). I may go ahead and buy the standalone eMedia Guitar Method disc, but for now, I’m doing fine with the free lessons […]

005: Dave,

February 23rd, 2010 at 1:59 pm

I got this for my son for Christmas. I didn’t want to spend too much, as you never know what kids will stick with. I play and didn’t want him banging on my Taylor. When he opened in on Christmas it was a favorite. I play, so I tried out the guitar and it played fine and stayed in tune. I read through some of the other reviews and wonder if people aren’t being overly critical considering this is a beginner guitar under $100. Granted, it isn’t a great guitar but fine for someone starting out. Most of us start out on something basic and move one once we get the passion.

The software is what makes this pack stand out. We have been going through it together and I am quite impressed with the quality of the lessons. My parent put me in 6 years of private lessons at $30 an hour. The software included is a great start at guitar.

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