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38 “Red guitar with bag and accessories

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Price: $39.95

  • Wood Frame
  • Length 38″
  • Linden Binding and wood construction with geared tuning
  • Includes: full set of extra strings, guitar pick, tuner, gig bag, carrying strap, and two decal pick guards
  • Great for beginners!

Product DescriptionThis Acoustic Guitar is 38 inches long. It has Linden Binding and wood construction designed tuning. Each guitar comes with a complete set of extra strings, pick, tuner, gig bag and two stickers pick guards. The acoustic guitar is arguably the most versatile and common guitar type. This guitar has a loud, bright ringing clear that plans for the listener, and is the backbone of the country and most bands bluegrass. There is one for the backup singer and perfect stylistic palette includes everything from New Age and Country Blues, to hot Bluegrass Flatpicking, Jazz Fusion and “Unplugged” Rock. The wheels should be stored in brass and steel for easy setup and tuned string held in position. This guitar is also a great gift!
Price: $39.95
Average Rating: 4.5

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