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Yamaha EPO Self Teaching Acoustic Guitar

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Yamaha EZAG Self Teaching Acoustic Guitar
Price: $198.00
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  • With True Enhanced Performance.
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Product DescriptionThe Yamaha EZ AG Self Teaching Acoustic Guitar gives the dream! The world is full of guitar players and those who want to play the guitar. Learning, teaching ie, chord books, learning how to tune, sore fingers, and it sounds bad play for a long time. What happens if you skip classes, books and adaptation, and then have the experience, playing guitar, strings and create a band again, to have a very good one in authority? Until now it was only a an empty dream. Until now. The Yamaha EZ AG has fretboard fingers lit bar with the correct driver chord positions, no strings, no sore fingers. Since the EZ is brilliant, you need a chord book, and when playing a song inside, which tells you how to play chords. Individuals (for friends and family with the integrated audio system, in practice, or with headphones or) with integrated speakers. Besides the 25 songs built on a huge library of songs available for download from the Internet, including all the favorites. Yamah EZ AG Self-Teaching FeaturesFuturistic electric guitar driven lightsNo sore fingers! No calibration required! No Broken Strings! 12 frets lit show hand position for chords and chords for playing 6 or picking3 game modes: Strumming (right hand) Chord Training (left hand) Full Play (L / R) 12 built-in songs to learn plus 13 guitar riffs and playing ROM withFlash : new songs for learning from the Internet General MIDI compatible: Internet readyLED gives visual feedback Volume, speed, balance and capo controls20 Votes: 9 realistic guitars8 Bass guitarsbanjoshamisenpianoOptional power supply (# YAC PA130MM) Built-in speaker
Price: $198.00
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