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W4103FCS Acoustic Electric Guitar

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W4103FCS Acoustic Electric Guitar (Flame Coffee Burst)
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Price: $149.99

  • Acoustic Electric Guitar (Flame Coffee Burst)

Product DescriptionThe Carlo Robelli W 4103FCS sets new standards for acoustic and electric guitars. Super comfortable to play thanks to the delicate neck and extremely slim body. It’s cutaway design makes it easy to hit the high notes, while the flame is sure to get top ties. . .
Price: $149.99
Average Rating: 5.0

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4 Responses

001: Shanbin Wang,

February 20th, 2010 at 10:28 pm

It’s really good.It’s my first time come to America and use Amazon to buy things. The guitar really good. It sounds good and not expensive. I don’t know how to speak it in English but it’s good! I love it. The only problem is that some part of the guitar is not “smooth”.Maybe it is because of shipping I don’t know!

002: Yoga Mom,

February 20th, 2010 at 11:26 pm

I knew my husband wanted a guitar for Christmas. I consulted my brother-in-law ,a musician, about what brand and almost everything because I knew nothing about guitars. All I knew that my husband wanted an acoustic electric but was completely lost. I shopped online the catalogs that my brother-in-law gave me but wasn’t happy at all with what I was finding. I love Amazon and always go to Amazon when shopping for most everything online. Once I searched Amazon, I found instantly what I was shopping for and the price was half or better of what I was finding elsewhere. And knowing how great Amazon’s customer service is so it was a no brainier. The guitar came in on the day the shipping status said it would it perfect condition. And my husband couldn’t be happier. He LOVES this guitar. My sons love this guitar. Matter of fact, we’re going to order one for my oldest sons birthday coming up. Great find, great buy and great price.

003: S. Schwarz,

February 21st, 2010 at 2:24 am

I bought this for my son for Christmas and not only did I receive this guitar before the est. shipping date, it is beautiful! I had taken my son to a local music store where he was playing with other brands(extremely high priced) of this type of guitar, which were nice and

all but when my son opened this guitar up he said it exceeded his expectations..he really likes that it has the tuner AND and amp built in. Fabulous sound quality. 2 thumbs up for sure!

004: J. Taylor,

February 21st, 2010 at 3:04 am

I just purchased this guitar package and all I can say is BUY ONE AS SOON AS YOU CAN FIND ONE. This guitar should easily sell for at least $700.–BY ITSELF! The guitar has an on board WT-92 preamp-tuner(very accurate) along with a spruce top with mahagony sides and back and the detail work on it is simply OUTSTANDING!! You also get a padded Washburn gigbag along with several pics and guitar strap and an instructional cd. I own a couple of other really nice guitars but I can already tell I’ll be playing this one more often than the others in the future. You can spend a lot more money and get a lot less guitar but why would you?

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