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D’Addario Bass String Set, Chrome, 40-95, Long

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D'Addario Bass Strings Set, Chrome, 40-95, Long
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Price: $24.99

  • CB040 G 0.040 1.02 37.6 17.05
  • CB060 – note D; diameter 0.060, 1.52mm; tension 45.2lbs., 20.50kg
  • CB075 – note A; diameter 0.075, 1.91mm; tension 36.4lbs., 16.51kg
  • CB095 – note E; diameter 0.095, 2.41mm; tension 35.2lbs., 15.96kg

The Product DescriptionD’Addario Chrome Flatwound bass strings are known known for its smooth surface and soft, warm sound. The strings are wound with an outer flattened, “ribbon” wire which is then polished to a smooth surface. Chromium provide rich, deep bottom end tone that’s ideal for jazz and R & B, but also has applications in contemporary pop music.
Price: $24.99
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