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Lute Hole 4 “Soundhole Cover for the control group, Maple Light

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Lute Hole 4
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Price: $29.99

  • Control feedback beautifully
  • Solid wood carvings
  • Protects soundhole edge from pick damage
  • Installs with no modifications, clamps, or screws
  • Fits 4″ diameter soundholes with no neck protrusion in the hole*

Product Description feedback can be a delicate acoustic guitar body left in a screaming, earsplitting beast in no time. You can control the use of feedback and add carved beauty of your guitar with Lute Holes – solid wood carvings fit into a sound hole acoustic guitar. Available in maple, cherry or walnut, Lute Holes installs in seconds does not change your guitar. Fits standard steel string 4 “Soundhole diameter neck that does not tip into the hole to have. 3 different projects at different heights to provide feedback protection light, medium and heavy. In most instances light protection than is necessary to be get the best design to lock the animal in its cage!
Price: $29.99
Average Rating: 5.0

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1 Response

001: Keith R. Brown,

February 23rd, 2010 at 10:55 am

I was looking for something other than the ugle black rubber things the cover sound holes. This was the ticket. They are very expensive from everywhere except Amazon for some reason. I did have to modify mine a bit since my neck protrudes a tad into the sound hole, but no big deal. A very pretty addition to my Michael Kelly fretless bass

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