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KSM FOUNDATION Bass Bridge “Black”

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KSM FOUNDATION Bass Bridge (4-string)
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Price: $149.00

  • Maximizes the transfer of string-to-body vibrations
  • Patented ramp system
  • Fully adjustable for each individual player
  • Lock-tight components
  • Rust and corrosion proof

Product DescriptionThe revolutionary KSM KSM Foundation Bridge The Bridge Foundation is designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also fully adjustable for each player. Kevin S. Moore has a patented system that allows precise adjustment for ramp and maximizes the transfer of the string used for the vibration. This improved string-to-contact with the body is the means exceptional brightness and clarity. The KSM Foundation Bass Bridge is for independent developers seeking to differentiate themselves and is ideal for bass bridge upgrades. An instrument should be equipped with the KSM FOUNDATION Bass bridge, will have improved properties, such as when the instrument is rather low and powerful sound, the tone is clearer and more healthy to improve. All moving parts in place by a clamping system made after final adjustments to avoid losing a part of vibration after prolonged use. Since the whole bridge is made of high quality aircraft aluminum is resistant to light, durable and very resonant material in all the corrosion and rust, while still maintaining its tonal integrity. This bridge is much higher than on other low bridges. The revolutionary design is unique and not to other bridges on the market verglichen.Zusätzliche information, visit: www. ksmguitars. net
Price: $149.00
Average Rating: 5.0

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1 Response

001: Keith R. Brown,

February 23rd, 2010 at 10:55 am

I was looking for something other than the ugle black rubber things the cover sound holes. This was the ticket. They are very expensive from everywhere except Amazon for some reason. I did have to modify mine a bit since my neck protrudes a tad into the sound hole, but no big deal. A very pretty addition to my Michael Kelly fretless bass

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