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VXL Hartke Bass Attack Preamp Pedal

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Hartke VXL Bass Attack Preamp Pedal
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Price: $80.00

  • VX tone shaping pre-amp/direct box
  • Famous Hartke shape circuitry
  • 3-band bass, treble and bright control
  • Harmonic control for tube drive emulation
  • Gold plated XLR direct output

Product DescriptionHartke VXL Bass Attack Preamp and Bass Guitar Direct Box delivers Hartke exclusive Shape circuit in an entirely new professional pedal! The VXL Bass Attack is embedded in all steel chassis with two switches Stomp evidence and LED status indicators. He has voted Variable Notch Hartke shape Circuit with adjustable frequency bands with three mid-bass, a variable harmonic control circuit that mimics the warmth of a guide tube. Other features include a combination of output level control, On / Off and Shape In / Out switching for switching sounds during performances, Pre / Post direct out with gold-plated XLR output is balanced, and Bass Attack on operating two 9-volt battery, optional adapter AC, or phantom power via XLR. Hartke, which has so much to make a bass pedal design? Well, these things take time, if you want to do it properly! The Hartke Bass Attack Pedal is a tone shaping pre-amp that doubles direct box with the famous Hartke Shape Circuitry. The two button style Stomp Box has three zones for adjustments of Bass, Treble, and Bright controls, and a smooth control that mimics the warmth and driving a tube so well that I never will again be close. The Hartke Bass Attack Pedal gives you the opportunity to end the sound you want, and everything in between.
Price: $80.00
Average Rating: 4.0

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