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MXR M-80 Bass Direct Box with Distortion

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MXR M-80 Bass Direct Box with Distortion
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Price: $139.99

  • Distortion channel with gain, volume, and blend controls
  • Color knob
  • 3-band EQ
  • Phantom power

Product DescriptionFinally, all necessary in a rigid frame, you need a serious DI for playing live and laying down killer tracks. You have to have a preamp and finely tuned EQ to add punch your notes. And you certainly are not rich, custom distortion. This one-of-a-kind pedal gives you the whole thing into a bomb-proof housing, survive, even outside the control of concerts and players. Constructed with the highest quality components, the M-80 always stays the type of warmth and transparency to a volcanic roar, not having to go through the menu screens to navigate or a manual to decipher. They switch the color for some sweet preset EQ, then optimize your sound with three band control. Select your ideal distortion with the precise gain control and mixing the right amount into your clean signal, then kick on and off. The adjustable noise gate firing on the conservation and cut hum and whistle. With XLR and parallel 1 / 4 “outputs and a phantom power, will never have a problem providing your choice new tones. Controls: Effect Footswitch switches effect / bypass (red LED indicates on) Distortion Distortion channel footswitch switches / out (Distortion Distortion LED shows the operational level) Bass / Mid / Treb EQ knobs can Clean and Distortion tone fine-tuning color button activates a preset EQ for bass Clean Volume knob adjusts the output level of excellent clean channel (a footswitch force – and Distortion footswitch off) The following buttons are P. ..
Price: $139.99
Average Rating: 5.0

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