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Line 6 Bass PODxt Live

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Line 6 Bass PODxt Live
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Price: $449.99

  • Over 50 Stompbox and Studio Effects, 28 Legendary and Classic Amp Models, 22 Cab & 4 Mic models, 64 Channel Memories
  • Discrete Processed & DI 1/4-inch Outs, Biamp output mode with selectable crossover, Variax Digital Input, Routing Options
  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner, Combination Wah/Volume/Tweak Pedal, Tap Tempo/Tuner Switch, Expression Pedal Input
  • Aux Input for CD/MP3 players, drum machines, etc., Full MIDI Support, Headphone Out, USB Digital Recording I/O

DescriptionThe size and power of Bass PODxt is now able to use your feet for pro stage with! With sturdy steel construction, 11-channel select and effect on / off footswitch and built in pieces / pinch-pedal, Bass PODxt Live is ready to years of real world gig abuse. Includes over 50 Stompbox, synth, and studio effects, 28 amp models and 22 cab and 4 mic models. Bass PODxt Live offers the same time, 6 effects pedals and studio effects that can be managed flexibly to meet your unique sound. Features include a dedicated compressor and 6-band semi-parametric EQ, distinctive dry and output configuration, Biamp output mode with selectable crossover, USB Digital I / O and a Variax Bass digital input so you can call a fully customized bass , amplifiers, and regulate all of the impact of aid on foot switch.
Price: $449.99
Average Rating: 5.0

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