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Fender Classics Sub-Lime Bass Guitar Fuzz Effects Pedal

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Fender Classics Sub-Lime Bass Guitar Fuzz Effects Pedal
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Price: $137.99

  • Simple volume and drive controls let you easily dial in the loudness and range of fuzz tones.
  • Main Backlit Knob: Variable fuzz gain – change on the fly!
  • Volume: Overall pedal volume control (output side of pedal)
  • Drive: Overall fuzz amount desired (input side of pedal)

Product DescriptionSet your feet between you and turn your speakers and the sound of bass fuzz with the classic Fender ranging from a minimum contact of Evil, a very seismic noise. Best of all, tailor your sound by setting the crossover frequency where you want to flock – high-frequency low-pass fuzz fuzz and everything in between – all is not sacrifice all the major low-end muscle and fundamental bass tone. In a sublime lime green dress, the big calls, heavy wings design cast; S pedals Grand Old 70s and has a huge dial that glows from the beautiful green to red as you can adjust the level of the Fuzz (left slightest hint ) to right (Defcon 1). Simple volume and drive controls, you can simply select the size and scope of Fuzz tones. Runs on 9 V battery or DC adapter. Controls: * Main Backlit Knob: Variable gain fuzz – change on the fly! * Volume: Total control of the volume pedal (the pedal end) * Drives: The total amount you want to Fuzz (side entrance to the pedal) * X-Over Freq: fuzz variable frequency (30 – 300 Hz) – Custom trim pot under the established Pedal * Sound: Overall sound desired amount (more / less bright) – trim pot on the ground found the pedal
Price: $137.99
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