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Digitech RP1000 Guitar multi effects pedal with integrated circuit —

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DigiTech RP1000 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal with Integrated Switching
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  • Effect switching system offers control over external & internal stompboxes and effects
  • Exclusive Pedalboard Mode provides on/off and realtime control to any five RP1000 effects or parameters
  • Amp/Cabinet Bypass defeats internal amplifiers and cabinets in all presets
  • Built-in Phrase Looper
  • Built-in expression pedal controls the Digitech RP1000’s Whammy, wahs, volume, and other parameters

Product DescriptionThe Digitech RP1000 Guitar Effects with over 160 effects and 200 presets give you a wonderful variety of sounds loaded. With integrated switching effects will not make the pedal tap dance, choose your preset and your tone is determined, as it has taken. The Digitech pedal comes with a comprehensive set Looper with 20 seconds record time. You can also use external effects pedal travel through it with the loop pedal. Your amp Digitech RP1000 comes with an amp / cabinet bypass switch that you turn off the internal amplifier and speakers RP1000, so does sound amplifier makes itself. The simplicity of the guitar with the popular pedal Digitech RP500, which provides RP1000 Multi Effects Pedal also Pedalboard mode, foot pedal 6 to 10 revolutions per pedal style effects on / off controls. 100 different pedal boards, if the Amp / Cabinet Bypass in conjunction with the pedal operation of the vessel used, switches RP1000 100 different pedal boards. Get instant access to both pre-and pedal on / off control really the best of both worlds. The RP1000 Digitech pedal is like a tank from a cast metal chassis is made for the vacant 14-style switches. A large 10-digit LED display makes for easy stage use are complemented by a built-in expression pedal wahs, volume, control whammy, and other parameters. Sound is your king, controlling the sound card is necessary. The RP1000 pedal gives you more control to express yourself how you want-not the lack of control in your expression. Choose from the extensive list of side guitar, including: Guitar Pedals: Compressor / Stands: Boss CS-2Compressor / Sustainer Digitech Main Squeeze Compressor MXR Dynacomp? Wah / volume for: Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Digitech Full Range Wah Vox Clyde McCoy Wah volume pedal and distortion overdrives are based on: SCREAMER (Ibanez TS-9) TS 808 (Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808) SPARK DRIVE (Voodoo Lab Sparkle
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