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DELTALAB DGFX1 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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DeltaLab DGFX1 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
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Price: $99.99

  • 54 built-in effects
  • Up to 11 simultaneous effects
  • 48 user patches and 48 preset patches
  • Expression pedal is dual function. Controls volume and click to control wah and 8 other parameters
  • Built-in drum machine with 29 patterns

Product DescriptionThe DELTALAB DGFX1 is a versatile multi-effects guitar pedal that offers endless checking and adjusting the amplifiers, effects, and speakers. Now you can find your individual sound quickly and easily, not limited by the defaults. Every effect and amp model features up to 4 fully programmable parameters for nearly endless sonic possibilities. The DGFX1 any guitar pedals can be up to 11 results and models at a time harmonically rich guitar sounds to create a wide variety of styles: from clean and soft to radically aggressive. In some of the highest resolutions available DGFX1 effects pedal is optimized for the actual sound of your guitar. Ensure 32-bit ADA converters at 48 kHz sampling frequency, very clear message, and mirroring the sound of your guitar. All this is wrapped in a sleek, sturdy pedal package with an easy-to surface: blue screen, heavy duty top counter, rubber handle and a high expression pedal. Scheduled to DELTALAB DGFX1 are 48 unique preset sounds, and there is room for an additional 48 user-created sounds from outside. A built-in drum machine with 28 drum patterns, you can have multiple forms of practice or composition.
Price: $99.99
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