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Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer Analog Synth Bass Pedal, Red

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Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer Analog Bass Synth Pedal, Red
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Price: $599.00

  • Designed for bass guitar
  • Wide range of synth, octaver, envelope filter, fuzz and other effects
  • True bypass—input is connected directly to output by a mechanical relay when switched off.
  • True analog signal path with reconfigurable analog technology
  • 50 digital presets onboard

Product DescriptionThe bit Systems Octavius Squeezer is an analog synth pedal designed specifically for bass. The Octavius Squeezer Bass Pedal offers true analog reconfigurable signal path technology, true bypass switching and a wide range of analog synthesizers, OCTAVER, Fuzz, filter envelope and other effects, all triggered by a convenient digital preset system. With all these plus tuner and metronome in a size that fits in your gig bag, which is a bass pedal, you can not have. The Octavius Squeezer Bass Synthesizer pedal has its own circuit and race filter fuzz circuit in the first predecessors. A digital pitch tracking stage are the notes played in the bottom of your bass. The monitoring phase also leads to an analog synthesizer, the various signals in the same stadium as you lead your entry, 1 octave below 1 or even 2 octaves above. All this production can be repaired, mixed, and must be given in various ways, a huge number of available results. Use effective control to toggle between 50-user-switch-editable presets, which can in Octavius Squeezer pedal-board memory to save. Adjust the default on-the-fly with a twist in param-button. View the current impact and to determine the parameters clearly backlit display LCD Octavius Squeezer it. Use the 2 assignable foot switches to bypass, use rate, and then turn affects fly. The storage and loading of additional defaults on a card SD (such as your digital camera) with the card reader on board and use it to upgrade firmware Octavius, when new versions are available.
Price: $599.00
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