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Chunk Systems Brown Dog gated Fuzz bass pedal

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Chunk Systems Brown Dog Gated Bass Fuzz Pedal
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Price: $262.50

  • Suitable for bass guitar.
  • True bypass.
  • Four controls allow you to fine-tune your sound.
  • Switchable soft/hard fuzz mode.
  • Special gating circuit lets you keeps your basslines tight.

Product DescriptionThe Brown Dog Bass Fuzz Pedal allows you to produce rampaging waves of meat with your bass, while keeping your basslines set the tone and let the character shine through you. In two ways Fuzz (soft and hard), a mixing stage and a unique gating circuit the Brown Dog is a pedal portal is a wide range of Synthy vague and bass. Based on recognized FZ002 gated Fuzz bass, Chunk Systems Brown Dog adds soft mode and features easier to use mixer settings. The true bypass and only the best quality analogue electronics, is the brown dog, what is suitable for clean sound freaks. Use the special file with the Office 00Funk Mark II for synth bass that will really freak out! In addition to controlling high-quality metal bypass switch, a brown dog, four buttons and switches: The dirty mark on the volume of Fuzz circuit, Dog Brown in the composition of output. The Fuzz louder, turn up to make quieter Fuzz, turn it down. Net controls the intensity of the initial input in the production mix. The Brown Dog mixes the dirty signal fuzz circuit with the original input signal, so that you can determine how much fuzz you want and keep the tone of your instrument. The door knob controls the intensity of the input signal must be a distorted, are produced. Especially the hard way, you can use this gating effect to prevent hum from your pickups and the sound of fingers on the strings supported by the Fuzz circuit. You can also make sure your notes are clear beginning and end, so your bass line remains clear even if you apply large quantities of Fuzz. The control unit changes the nature of fuzz controlling how hard the fuzz circuit is driven up. Driving the Fuzz sound harder positions and make you sound more difficult. The hard way can take a maximum, you synth-like square wave tone
Price: $262.50
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