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Chunk Systems Agent Funk Mark II Envelope Filter Pedal

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Chunk Systems Agent Funk Mark II Envelope Filter Pedal
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Price: $262.50

  • Suitable for bass guitar, electric guitar and other electric instruments
  • True bypass – input is connected directly to output when switched off
  • Four controls allow you to fine-tune your sound
  • Switchable up/down sweep direction
  • Runs from a single 9V battery or external power supply (not included)

Product DescriptionThe Agent 00Funk Mark II (pronounced “Double-O agent Mark two radio”), an envelope filter pedal, bass and other electric instruments in direct funky squelching become fat. The agent 00Funk Mark II has a very coordinated Lowpass filter that sweeps up or down with every note you play, you enter a super-punchy sound of automatic wah. Based on the highly acclaimed original Agent 00Funk, Is Mark II pedal extra funk into a convenient, easy to use package. Now with true bypass and only the best quality analogue electronics, the representative 00Funk Mark II is perfect effect pedal for all you clean sound freaks. For maximum squelch, the new folder that allows access to clean the file before flock or deformation used. Connect the piece Coffee Systems Dog gated fuzz bass pedal straight for some really amazing to create sounds synthesizer. In addition to monitoring high-quality metal bypass switch is the agency 00Funk Mark II and four-button switch: The pitch control determines the filter frequency when the input is silent. They use to the general mood of the filter to determine the impact. On the lower will tend to thicken, Bassier tones while higher settings will affect only the upper end of your sound. The smoothness control determines how quickly the filter sweeps to address changes in the level of inputs. If you are on a low, the filter is large, jerky jumps to make every note. This suggests sound squidgy and warbles a little as the filter responds to individual audio cycles. If you make it up, the filter is smaller, slower traffic. Adjusting the sweep control changes how wide the filter sweeps. If it is so low, the filter sweeps in a narrow range and is very sensitive to the dynamics of your playing. If high, the filter sweeps in a wide area and the dynamics of your playing will have greater impact. The squelch control determines how extreme the filtering effect is my adaptation of coordination
Price: $262.50
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