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And DAYHEX Armstrong Yellow HUMPER bass EQ section expanded

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Dan Armstrong DAYHEX Yellow Humper Bass EQ Module, Extended
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Price: $59.95

Product DescriptionThe Yellow HUMPER Equalizer from Dan Armstrong was designed so that each bass and keyboards sound much more, not too rough. The yellow HUMPER the musician can select a single 7 db peak or hump in the center in response to 100 Hz to give the average player a very stable area at the bottom of the “1” switch position. If the player selects “2” will have its own low-end peak plus 10 db peak at 2000 Hz should improve the color and presence. Yellow HUMPER EQ improves the signal even in “off” position due to low output impedance of the 200th yellow HUMPER approved for use in recording. Input impedance 100 ohm t is excellent, and the signal to noise ratio is a very quiet 92 dB.Dan Armstrong Original Yellow HUMPER Equalizer Guitar Effects Module Expansion Technical Data: Yellow HUMPER is a stable, attractive aluminum housing with the best components. dimensions are 59 mm wide x 59 mm x 70 mm deep, although the unit protrudes only 43 mm from the face of a guitar. The weight is only 4 — 1 / 2 UnzenBitte Note: This is the extended version of the Yellow HUMPER EQ and effect modules are designed specifically for guitars that deepening the main female role.
Price: $59.95
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