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Road Runner Polyfoam Classical Guitar Case

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Road Runner Polyfoam Classical Guitar Case
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Price: $53.99

  • Lightweight, rigid thermal-form structure
  • Cortex cover
  • Extra plush lining
  • Heavy-duty handle
  • Large storage pockets

Description Polyfoam Road Runner Classic Guitar Case offers the protection the hard case with the weight of a gig bag. Determined by thermal rigid form and structure of the crust. The interior is graced with an extra plush lining and includes a compartment with generous storage for accessories.
Price: $53.99
Average Rating: 4.5

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2 Responses

001: A. Valentine,

February 24th, 2010 at 10:54 am

My fiance bought himself a guitar while in Afghanistan, but neglected to think about how he would get it back home. He had ordered a case, strings, and other guitar swag from a popular online music store and they canceled his order a month after because they “don’t ship to APO boxes”…which is crap. I read the other review on this product and thought “perfect, if it worked for him, it’ll work for me” so I bought it and had it shipped to my fiance. This case got to him in 2 weeks, no hassle and no issues. Thank you so much for making something easier for him, it means a lot to me :)

002: Jonathan Adams,

February 24th, 2010 at 1:46 pm

just needed a guitar case to mail my guitar around for now… the guitar case arrived in decent shape. a hole in the box, and a small 1×1 centimeter damage mark where the leather got broke free or something though.. i’m overseas so a little bit of wear/tear from shipping is to be expected

i have a F-310 yamaha guitar, and like another reviewer stated earlier, its an EXTREMELY tight fit! it DOES fit though, so i’m happy with that. most other dreadnought guitars as far as I know aren’t as big as the F-310 so they should fit better

overall im very happy with the look and feel of the case, and pleased with my purchase. i got what i expected. 5 stars from me

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