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Feeling really board but lucky I got my laptop to watch music videos!

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Feeling really board after a hard day of work in my sofa and I want to do something that can make me feel relax and comfortable. I guess with my laptop computer and accesses to internet I can definitely take the time to find what I like do. I viewed my face-book account and luckily got a new friends and invitations with new messages. After that I decided to watch a Katy Perry Last Friday Night Single with a video site and got really entertained about the story of a geeky 13 year old girl (That was Katy Perry) with the cast of glee stars. Also came across Avril Lavigne Smile Video the latest single from Avril’s fourth album Goodbye Lullaby. I really love Avril Lavigne not only she’s cute and pretty but also got talent and powerful voice that makes me feel really good every time I watch her music videos or even just listen to her song. Oh, I almost forgot about Robyn Call Your Girlfriend video as my friend strongly suggested me to watch it because she was really amazed about the movement and music by Robyn in the video so, I am going to watch it now and see if it’s really that good that my friend really barked about. Till next time!



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