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Ben 10 and car games- world of free online games

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There are huge number of free online games out there divided to categories, in this article I will write about  two of them that are very popular and well known among kids around the world, Ben 10 games and car games.

Ben 10 Saving Sparksville
In this action-filled Ben 10 game you’ll have to battle and defeat the menacing MegaWatt, not only once but twise. Fighting through his mini-reproductions and stopping MegaWatt from reaching the hydroelectric dam will be your main objective, and it’ll be a hard one to accomplish.

Battle your way to saving Sparksville in this thrilling Ben 10 game. Your first challenge is to defeat MegaWatt as he goes on a rampage though Sparksville, destroying anything in his path. Shoot fireballs at the giant robot while dodging everything he throws at you to bring MegaWatt to his demise. Take too long and MegaWatt will reach the hydroelectric dam, and Smallville will be no more. After his supposed death, you may think that’s the end of destruction and Smallville may be at peace, but it’s only the beginning. MegaWatt makes a quick return, sending dozens upon dozens of mini-megawatts, reeking destruction on the city in 10 chaotic levels. This time, not only do you have multiple evil enemies, but they’re also setting the city ablaze, and if you don’t act quick enough the city will burn to ashes. Will you be able stop MegaWatt in time, or has Smallsville met its doom?

Dune Buggy
Dune buggy is one of the most popular car games around. . Racing against the clock in this fun-filled racing game, you’ll have to dodge various obstacles while gaining powerful power-ups to assist you in reaching and completing the last course.

Speed through challenging courses while busting crazy tricks in a race against the clock. The faster you go the crazier the stunts get, and the risk of crashing increases. Pick up a size upgrade and go busting through obstacles with ease, or turn yourself into a raging tire to speed through levels at speeds you’ve never thought were possible. It’s a frantic race against the clock each level; go too fast and you’re on a crash-course for destruction, but go too slow and you’ll run out of time. There’s a surprise in every level; a new challenge awaits in every course, with new upgrades to keep you on the edge of your seat every second of play in this thrilling car game.



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