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VYPYR 75 Modeling Combo Amp

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VYPYR 75 Modeling Guitar Combo Amp
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Price: $279.99

  • 75 watts (rms), 12″ custom voiced modeling speaker
  • Four channels, 24 Amp channel models
  • 11 Editable pre-amplifier “Stompbox” effects
  • 11 Editable “Rack” effects, 12 On-board programmable presets
  • Up to 400 presets with optional Sanpera(TM) II footswitch

Product DescriptionFeaturing 24 amp models – both clean and distorted channels of 12 most popular amps for the first time – plus 11 editable preamp “box Stomp” effects and 11 editable post-amp “rack” effects with dual – parameter co. . .
Price: $279.99
Average Rating: 4.0

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