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VOX V9106 Pathfinder 10 Guitar Amplifier Combo – 10 Watts

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VOX V9106 Pathfinder 10 Guitar Combo Amplifier - 10 Watt
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  • Circuitry: Solid-State
  • Output: 10-Watts RMS
  • Speakers: Vox Bulldog x 1 (6.5″, 8 ohm)
  • Controls: Gain, Treble, Bass, Volume, Clean/Overdrive Switch, Power On/Off
  • Input: Input Jack

Product DescriptionThose immediately recognizable, warm British sounds you’ve come to expect from VOX are alive and well in the compact, 10-Watt VOX V9106 Pathfinder 10 guitar amps – plus the high operating profit, modern well! The 10-Watt, 1 x 6 5 “catcher Combo sees classic VOX and include basket-weave, leather-look vinyl, distinctive diamond grille cloth and we, of course, chicken head knobs! Small, but all the important information are like beads gold and white piping was also faithfully reproduced, perfectly recover the legendary look of VOX. 10 powerful but still look the Pathfinder is packed-10-Watt output, makes it the perfect amp for practicing at home, backstage warm-up and registration. Clean the switch / Overdrive allows you to Change immediately between clean and dirty sounds. The only pressure on this switch, you can go from a crystal clear sound with our unique warm distortion, or a slightly crunchy bluesy tone with high gain, modern-roar rock. Want practice late at night is not your neighbors, no problem! Just connect your headphones to the headphone / line out jack and away you go – do not want to hear the neighbors sleep, a thing because using this jack automatically switches the speaker amplifier, this connector also doubles as a specially filtered Line Out, which will be included in your amplifier, not worrying about a pesky microphones perfect. The Pathfinder 10 and controls for Gain, Treble, Bass and Volume plus a net switch / overdrive.
Price: Too low to display
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5 Responses

001: Alucardio,

February 25th, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Este amplificador es todo lo que esperaba de el, tiene una calidad de sonido muy buena, asi como una potencia increible para ser de 75 watts. De hecho cuando me propuse probar la potencia en volumen 7 tuve que bajar el volumen inmediatamente porque a mi papa le di un susto increible jejeje.

Tambien trae unos 400 efectos distintos que le dan mucha versatibilidad, asi que si buscan algo bueno bonito y barato, no busquen mas!

002: Pamella P. Keck,

February 25th, 2010 at 11:32 pm

In short, don’t believe all the things that other reviewers on Amazon are saying about this amp. I’ve had it for about 3 years, and it is not worth it. If you are new to electric guitar, you may think that the Spider sounds good, but if you have had experience with amps you will know that it’s no good. It sounds digital and cheesy. There is absolutely no warmth to the sound at all. This amp only sounds good to the untrained ear.

003: Darren Seward,

February 25th, 2010 at 11:42 pm

I’ve owned this amp for a little over a six months and am still finding new sounds to explore with my ESP — not to mention the 75 watts of power is more than enough for most gigs and the price cannot be beat.

004: Eugene W. Muse Jr.,

February 26th, 2010 at 2:07 am

This amp is amazing. I’ve had it a few weeks now and still really haven’t used all of the settings. It has great clean sounds and distortion sounds. The artist presets and song presets are fun. Overall, you couldn’t ask for a better amp in my opinion. I do recommend opting for the $99 foot pedal to go with it. It will make a world of difference.

005: J. Chacon,

February 26th, 2010 at 3:15 am

This amp does everything it says and more. It looks great and the sound is fantastic. This is the best amp for the money. I was gonna get the Spider IV 75-Watt, but I went to the Best-buy music store to check it out and there are only a few differences, but not enough to sell me on. After checking out that other one, this one went on sale so I was sold even more 🙂



All the presets


The manual doesn’t telt you anything about how to work this amp, but a little playing and ur good to go.

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