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Marshall MG15 Guitar Combo Amplifier – 8-inch, 15 Watt, 2 channels

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Marshall MG15 Guitar Combo Amplifier - 8 Inch, 15 Watts, 2 Channels
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Price: $99.00

  • Digital controls and flexible user interface
  • Includes presets for versatile tonal control
  • Frequency-dependant damping circuitry
  • 15W 8″ speaker
  • Clean/OD channels

Product DescriptionThe Marshall MG15 provides musicians with more power and more control. The 15 Watt of power and an 8-inch speaker provides an extra punch to the overall sound and the unit is not always the desired color tone perfect line MG. The amplifier MG15 has the advantage of a 3-band EQ, as those can be found on Marshall amps during the course of history. Independent Bass, Treble and Middle controls allow to adjust every aspect of your sound to suit your personal taste.
Price: $99.00
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5 Responses

001: fastrickie,

February 20th, 2010 at 9:13 am

Plenty of volume. Distortion choices ok. Other effects are sub par. I should have listened to it in a music shop before buying it online. It’ll do, tho.

002: F. Hager,

February 20th, 2010 at 11:30 am

PROS:this is the perfect practice amp!!!!!! i love it!! i got it for christmas, and i use it all the time! i love how it has clean, crunch, metal, and insane settings! (my favorite is metal) this amp allows you to play any style whether it is country, blues, alternative, rock, metal, or deathcore! i am rockin’ out to nirvana, ozzy, three days grace, skillet, guns n’ roses, metallica, and evanescence! the effects are great, and you will need them for some songs. also it comes with a tuner, and a place to plug in anything you need to plug in like a footpedal or an effect box. it also comes with something very handy. it has a place to plug in your ipod, mp3 player, or cd player. just buy an audio cable at radio shack for $8. the sound is phenomenal when you play your ipod. this means you can play along with your favorite songs from the same source! this will take practicing to a whole other level.

CONS: the booklet it comes with is absolutely no help WHATSOEVER. the tuner sucks. just buy a chromatic tuner for $15. when you are on clean, it automatically turns on the echo effect, even if its off. to turn it off, you have to manually turn the echo effects knob all the way and back to turn it off. this can be very annoying if you dont want the echo effect.

Overall, a fantastic amp. Recommended for anyone. Hope this review helps.

003: Brian F. Class,

February 20th, 2010 at 1:59 pm

Well, after reading the reviews I gave this little amp a shot. The first one that arrived was dead out of the box [I think it was poor packaging by Amazon and it likely got shocked too hard]. Well, logged into Amazon and quickly got the return/replacment squared away and they “next dayed” the replacement to me. The replacement worked, and I love the sounds this thing can create. The manual that comes with it is very sketchy so I logged in to get the online manual. It was not a whole lot thicker, but was more helpful and answered a couple of my questions about what seemed a little strange. The preset buttons automatically “set” the various volume and tuning settings, but do not move the actual knobs. Thus when you touch something like the local gain knob, it cuts out the autmatically loaded setting and restarts at wherever the knob is. Thus you can go from really loud, touch a button and have zero volume. Once you see what is happening, it makes setting those buttons up for your practice area nice and easy and sensible. This little amp has a lot of heart and soul in it and is just what I wanted. I am a 52 year old former rock and roll guitarist relearning my old skills and this amp has great sound and sustain, even at whatever volume you want to play it at. It definitely makes practicing much more fun then trying to work with my old 100 watt Gibson solid state amp circa 1974. I have to blow the doors off my house to get that old amp to sound good. The Spider IV is a much better investment then an expensive fuzz box for my old amp, especially since I have no plans to perform anywhere but at home [and if I do someday, I will likely look at their bigger amps]. Oh, and I use a Les Paul Ultra guitar. Buy it, you will have fun with it, and if it is for your kid to practice with, he/she will love it.

Well, the second one started acting funny after a couple days and now the FX stuff randomly jumps into the mix. I can no longer turn the FX stuiff off by turning the knobs off. The Clean channel has a fast tremelo and heavy reverb now. Thus number 2 is going back for a refund. I think it likely that shock during shipment nailed the electronics. The manufacturer just puts it in a box with no styrofoam corners and then AMAZON just puts it in another bigger box with no padding, and thus it can slide all over and is shipped flat, rahter then standing up. Thus, I loved it while it worked, but I am not attempting another delivery of this from Amazon because 2 out of 2 is too bad of odds. I am crushed…. i still rate it high because it has a lot of potential, I just think they need to package it a lot better, and/or design their boards for more shock before letting a mail order house sell it.

004: J. pulfer,

February 20th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

My son thinks this amp is awesome. The effects are a nice addition and saves you from buying another separate device when you’re just getting started. Nice clear sound with plenty of volume!

005: Joseph Decker,

February 20th, 2010 at 4:56 pm

we bought this Amp for our daughter, it has great sound, we expecially like the head phone jack.

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