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Kustom HV65 65-Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Kustom HV65 65-Watt Guitar Combo Amp
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Price: $298.99

  • RMS Wattage: 65 Watts
  • Speaker: 12″ Celestion
  • Channels: Lead and Rhythm
  • Tube Preamp: Dual 3-Band
  • Effects: 16 Programmable

Product DescriptionKustoms High Voltage (HV) series produces the authentic sound and feel of classic tube amps reaction, but with less weight and lower price than all tube design. The key is an exclusive new Kustom preamp that combines 12AX7 vacuum tube – a strong tonic properties – with solid-state data, consistency and reliability are known to offer. To maximize the dynamic pipes, the circuit operates with high voltages, hence the name. The HV65 uses two channels, each with gain and main volume control. This dual Master supply natural tube overdrive and compression on every channel. The speaker-emulated Direct Out and variable Volume Boost footswitchable is borrowed from the award-winning Coupe amplifiers. The icing on the cake is the 24-bit digital multi-effects system. It has 16 repentance HALLO-T, semi-planned steps to Swap / Tap function for each effect that can be accessed by an additional Switch / Tap footswitch. You will be impressed with the flexibility to choose and “to” quality of the results set HV.
Price: $298.99
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