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RH150DG3PLUS Randall G3 Plus 150-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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Randall RH150DG3PLUS G3 Plus 150-Watt Guitar Amp Head
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Price: $575.30

  • 150 Watt head with new “Valve-Dynamic” power
  • 2 channels w/3 modes; Gain 1: Classic hi-gain; Gain 2: Modern hi-gain
  • Voicing and Contour controls
  • Clean channel w/boost option
  • Dual 3-band EQ’s

Product DescriptionThis Beefy-150 watt amplifier offers very effective Valve Randall-Dynamic power. Two channels with 3 modes give you a lot of sounds to choose from and you can only improve the way you want to express and contour controls, 16 built-in digital effects and a series effects loop to connect your favorite effect pedals of your connection . Using the supplied remote foot MIDI gives you hands-free mandate for many functions.
Price: $575.30
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