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LX120HEAD Laney 120 watt guitar head

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Laney LX120HEAD 120 Watt Guitar Head
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Price: $369.00

  • 120 Watt Guitar Combo
  • Footswitchable Channel Selection and (FS2 Footswitch not included)

Product DescriptionThis highly versatile stack is the king of the spectrum Laney LX. With a huge section 120 Watt output that can lead to a 4 ohm, will actually deliver the goods. The LX120H also has separate EQ for each channel, slot line, effects loop, speaker output, CD input and 15 channel footswitchable DSP. The DSP programs include: reverbs 2x, 4x Delays, 2x Chorus, Flanger, Rotary Speaker Simulator, Octave, Chorus + Reverb, Chorus + Delay, Flange + Delay, Octave + Delay. Laney – Power To The Music
Price: $369.00
Average Rating: 5.0

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