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Koch Powertone II 6550 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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Koch Powertone II 6550 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black
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Price: $2,995.00

  • 3-Channels: Clean, High-Gain and Ultra-Gain
  • 4x 12AX7 and 4x 6550 tubes
  • 3-way Speaker Damping switch
  • Serial and Parallel FX-loop
  • Voicing switches on all channels

Product DescriptionThe Powertone II amp has three channels and two Master Volumes for setting two different volume levels, the pace and person, in each channel. The Clean channel offers a rich clean tones, rich and well defined. The Gain channel has 4 tube stages and its improved dynamics and pressure make this channel the best chords for each channel blues and rock style. The Ultra-Gain channel goes further than many think possible. The 5 tube stages bring you high gain and harmonically rich and singing lead tone while still excellent chord definition. The completely redesigned 120-Watt amplifier offers an incredible amount of momentum to the low end is more flexible and more transparent. The Powertone II also offers 3 Speaker Damping levels: High, Low and Ultra Low. The Ultra Low damping makes the amp sound incredibly open and powerful. With all these functions, Powertone II amplifier will give you a good quality for all types of music in each volume is too loud small club level to an idea-to-be – your stomach with a large stage. The Powertone II is simple and intuitive interface allows you to easily create, control and refine all the tones you’ve always wanted. From a sparkling, open and very detailed clean tone for a rough and grungy rock tone to get the lead tone with an almost unlimited quantity, it’s all there.
Price: $2,995.00
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