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Koch aqua II 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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Koch Multitone II 100w Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black
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Price: $2,725.00

  • 3-Channels: Clean, Drive and Gain
  • 4x 12AX7 Preamp and 4x50W EL34 Power Tubes
  • Normal & Bright Clean inputs
  • 3-band EQ for Clean / Drive, 4 band EQ for Gain
  • 5-way footswitch included.

Product DescriptionThis sturdy, 100-watt, 3-Channel Head ACCUTRONICS with great reverb tank and 5 button footswitch will inspire you to play! The classic style before the channel with the tone circuit preamps input stage houses the Clean and Drive Channels, Dedicated Bass mid-treble controls and a 3-way Bright switch. The clean channel stays clean even at high volume and channel traffic is like opening the world a better pedal installed on your amplifier. The post-channel, with tone circuitry in the production stage preamplifier, houses the channel Gain, dedicated presence-bass-mid and treble controls a 2-way switch means shift. This channel takes you from the fat, slightly edgy, clean sound of absolute collapse of high-profit, all the time with large drops of good cooking! As extras, Koch has a 3-way speaker damping switch, serial and parallel effects loops and penthode / triode switch on the power amplifier operating at 100% or 50% of energy. Normal, bright and clean inputs allow the selection and delivery, as always, a direct output for recording.
Price: $2,725.00
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