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Fryette Pittbull Hundred / CLX Masterbuilt 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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Fryette Pittbull Hundred/CLX 100W Masterbuilt Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black
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Price: $3,799.00

  • Three channels: LEAD, RHYTHM & CLEAN
  • Gain Stacking
  • Six-Band Graphic EQ
  • Series/Parallel Effects Loop
  • Power Amp Mute

Product DescriptionThe Fryette Pittbull Hundred / CLX Masterbuilt 100W Tube Guitar Head has more than 3 separate channels and 100 watt-all power tube. Each amplifier is built and signed by hand by only a part until the final inspection of each solder joint and then the most experienced and careful amplifiers Fryette Master Builder. Upon completion, tubes are carefully selected and matched, the head amp you already tried and burned at least 72 hours. In the next phase of testing, all the functions and features for Pittbull Hundred / CLX-amp has been tested and made final selection bias tube, and then express channel evaluated and messaged to perfection. Before signing the manufacturer is everyone CLX head amplifier is thoroughly tested by Steven Fryette personally play in a good performance guarantee. The thick, warm sound and feel of touch is Fryette Pitbull CLX a highly sophisticated sound engine. The harmonically rich and dynamic personality of EL34 power base perfectly complements the soft clip the single integrated driver / inverter stage produces an instrumental response string. The brand structure Fryette note and clearly independent chordal leads to plenty of gain adjustment is that the well-deserved reputation for bringing the particularities of each player strikes.
Price: $3,799.00
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