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Egnatia Tourmaster Series 4100 100W All-Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black / Beige

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Egnater Tourmaster Series 4100 100W All-Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black/Beige
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Price: $1,399.99

  • 100-Watt All-Tube Head
  • Four Channels with Selectable voicing
  • Power Grid: Set Wattage for Each Channel
  • from 10w up to 100w

Product DescriptionEach channels of Tourmaster 4100 amplifier has the same set of controls, but where the similarity ends. Clean / Vintage 1 is the cleanest of the four. Splendor in the channel lives a range of classic shades of pristine intonation to move into a powerful modern, aggressive driving down (think clean JTM) in Classic mode. Pressing the button to activate the Contour control opens a whole new set of beautiful, clean, almost acoustic sounds that are often located in a tube amp. Clean / Vintage 2 has a very similar reservation in the Clean / Vintage 1 channel. This channel has more gain, so it can be pushed into mild overdrive. The Sweet blues and classic rock sounds just locked out of this channel. The contour control is a further step in the unique flavors. Overdrive 1: covers of AC / DC crunch to modern rock, this channel has many bases all by itself. Select the victory and the feeling is pure classic rock. Drag the win and give a modern, saturated territory. Scoop the mids control contour for monstrous metal or is the classic British style. Overdrive 2: The most powerful channel of Tourmaster, you will win the wild adapt to a wide range of sounds in the 80 plants, and the heaviest modern metal player. Scoop the mids with the powerful Contour control for mass crisis or push the midrange for a solo tone that cuts through with serious authority. Power Grid: This is a really cool feature, you can find only in Egnatia find Tourmaster amp. With a team of 5 slide switches on the back you can adjust the output for each channel. It is a 3-slide switch position corresponding to each of the four channels and a full power / Half power switch. In full power mode, you can choose between 100W, 50W or 25W per channel. In half POWER mode you can choose between 50W, 25W or 10W per channel. With the Tourmaster 4100 amp, not only have a wide range of sounds available
Price: $1,399.99
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