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Egnatia Renegade 65W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black / Beige

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Egnater Renegade 65W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black/Biege
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Price: $999.99

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Product DescriptionThe Egnatia Renegade Tube Guitar Amp Head is an extremely versatile 2-powerhouse channel. The 65W amp is to give you the tools to create, to move the sound and power, some serious air in any room size. The Renegade channel amplifier 1 grunt creates a rich, 3-dimensional pure colors and if you dig a little channel 2 starts with a sweet, overdrive blues, but it is necessary to strengthen the door opens, release thick enough to handle the rich harmonic distortion of most demanding players. Both channels have independent 3-band EQ, Egnatia is bright and switches TIGHT and a power switch that allows you to choose from an intimate 18W or 65W wall-shaking. Master presence and density controls can create high-and low-end response. The focus of this engine sound Egnatia, you will find 5 – 12AX7 preamp tubes and driven by an exit point 2 – 6L6s and 2 valves EL34. The functions of the Head of innovative Renegade TUBE MIX function for each channel, so you too deep, California 6L6s the aggressive nature of the British mid range punch mix of EL34 tubes. The Renegade amplifier tube is independent reverb controls for each channel, footswitchable dual master volumes and a speaker-emulated line out. The included 4-button footswitch controls much more than just change channels. Use the switch and operate the on-board reverb, effects loop and master volume with secondary channel allocations for all 3 switches. Execution of two channels or only those you choose. Egnatia contains a heavy cover with Renegade 65W Tube Guitar Amp Head. . .
Price: $999.99
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