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Egnatia Rebel Tube 20 20W Guitar Amp Head, black and beige

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Egnater Rebel 20 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Black And Beige
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Price: $599.99

  • 20-Watt All-Tube Head
  • Variable Wattage Control from 1w to 20w
  • Tube Mix Blends Between 6V6 and EL84 Power Tubes
  • Master Volume, Gain, Three Band EQ
  • Egnater Signature Tight and Bright Voicing Switches

Product DescriptionSure is small, but do not mistake for a game. The Rebel-20 from Egnatia is a truly professional amp with the features and sound that is anything but small. Within three Groove Tubes 12AX7 preamp tubes, a pair of Groove Tubes EL84 tube power and a pair of Groove Tubes 6V6 power tubes. Not only the signature and the Egnatia TIGHT BRIGHT reflect switches, you also have a wide range gain control that lets you go from bluesy clean up to roaring high-gain lead all the control of a single gain. W-control, you can turn the 20 rebel force from 20 watts to 1 Watt for the volume platform bedroom. This guitar amp includes a loop professional quality results that do not suck “tone”. But the most cool feature of the Rebel Egnatia-20 is the tube-MIX dial in Egnatia first. The regulator MIX TUBE turned left, you have the classic American sound of the 6V6 power tubes. Put control of 20 rebel fully clockwise to the aggressive sound of British EL84 tubes experience. For the first time you can use both types of tubes in any proportion you want to mix to create a really good signing.
Price: $599.99
Average Rating: 5.0

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