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Cage FlexWave FW120H Guitar Amp Head with DSP, 120W

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Crate FlexWave FW120H Guitar Amp Head with DSP, 120W
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Price: $278.00

  • 120 Watts RMS
  • 3-Channel operation
  • DSP with separate controls for Effects, Delay, Reverb
  • CD/MP3 Input
  • Effects Loop

Product DescriptionCrate, part of LOUD Technologies, Inc is a leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative products and solid support by means of the introduction was in 1970. Among the most important and prolific brands in acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and bass amplifiers are considered, Crate current range of products that keeps its focus on reliability and support for musicians worlwide. Amazon. com Product DescriptionDig when FlexWave120H terrible head. If sheer volume of outstanding sound so should be declared illegal, combines action you crave, then FlexWave120H the top of the cart. The output 120 watts, while the wild three sports channels and built in effects, it is ideal for head gigs maniac. Suspect could be the bedroom if you do not even think about re spatoularistoi walls to use every week. The FlexWave120H of FlexWave â„¢ Evolution 5 preamp uses our patented consecutive Channel Tracking â„¢ technology for a sound with so many balls, get Jockstrap. Variable 3-channel operation lets you switch between clean twangadelic, hot-as-heck-freaking overdrive and tortured high gain channels via the remote footswitch our love with each package. With 18 sound effect DSP, Channel Tracking â„¢ takes power settings, and our form of control circuit for sculpture bad habit, it is statistically impossible for a lame dial-up sound. We recommend our Crate FW412A / B 4×12 agencies in shaping the power head FlexWave120H in bold skull enthusiastic your audience. Cage FlexWave new series is the old school solid state amp as a modern, fire-breathing tone monster, suitable for producing the saturated overdrive today require guitarist. FlexWave amplifiers feature an impressive response Evolution 5 â„¢ preamp, and in turn, Cascading Gain â„¢ technology for rich, articulate tone and playability, and Channel Tracking that remembers the consequences of your settings when switching between channels. Suitable for the manufacture of a wide range of sounds from crystal clear cleans, and the White knucle distortion FlexWave proves there is no better value around.
Price: $278.00
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