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Bugera Valve Bass Amplifier BVP5500 Classic 550-Watt Bass Head valve gain control valves and 9-band EQ

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Bugera Valve Bass Amplifier BVP5500 Classic 550-Watt Valve Bass Amplifier Head with Valve Gain Control And 9-Band Graphic Eq
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Price: $399.99

  • Powerful 550-Watt valve bass amplifier head for classic sound and performance
  • 4 x 12AX7 valves give you the ultimate sound and feel only valves can provide
  • Valve Gain controls the dynamics and tonal response of the power amp to deliver anything from punchy to thick and compressed sounds
  • Ultra-musical 9-band graphic EQ for total frequency control
  • Dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and additional Mid frequency control enable ultimate sound shaping

Product Description Classic 550-Watt Bass Head valve gain control valves and 9-band graphic EQ
Price: $399.99
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1 Response

001: Cold Reality,

February 26th, 2010 at 10:13 am

I have been playing hard rock and metal for 29 years (love Dream Theater, OLD Metallica, Vai, Satch, etc.). Wow, has it been that long? I have done more recording and gigging than I can remember. Anyway, I was skeptical when I first heard about this, read the reviews, and listened to some of the digital deniers/naysayers. I, too, have always preferred tube sound to digital. However, I quickly found that, if you understand and know how to properly adjust this amp, the distortion blows the others away… in depth, in styles, in selections, in sheer amount of leeway with which to experiment and create your own, signature sound (instead of being staying in the flock of sheep… you really want to sound like everyone else anyway? You can if you want with this amp… but, this amp allows for SO MUCH MORE. No one ever was cited as being innovative for sounding like others… But, I digress.) And, good GOD, when you click the STEREO switch and hear this thing through true, 2 sided stereo… THE distortion is absolutely beautiful, smooth, creamy, and just MAJESTIC-sounding. Doesn’t sound compressed and like you’re listening to it through a can… or has been compressed down to a few frequencies. Fills the entire room with a symphony of brutality. THAT, my friends, is where you get HEADROOM… STEREO SOUND. The clean sounds you can produce are without equal. Like playing crystal strings… shimmering, clear, and really brings out the different characteristics of adjustments to your guitar… volume, tone, pickup selections… where you pick on the fretboard, all of it. Amazingly responsive to different styles. It really shows off your instrument and your brand of music.

The ease of use, the bone-crushing distortions that go way beyond what anyone would ever use, the crystal cleans, and the effects are all incredible. Speaking of effects, how many amps have a pre-set noise gate that you don’t even have to really adjust for loud volumes? Just hit the button on your amp! Also, built in compression… again, just hit the button on your amp.

You know what, at the end of the day, all of these people who dribble on and on incessantly about that type of tube distortion and this type of tube distortion… Satriani, Vai, and Petrucci all use the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal to get their distortion sound. Yep, lol, that’s right. Look at their racks and their rigs… Lynch used ProCo (Rat) stomp box for his distortion. MANY players use Ibanez TS-1, etc, etc. Well, here’s an amp that you don’t have to go buy a pedal for… Ever.

Get this and enjoy the freedom. Throw your effects away. GET THE FBV SHORTBOARD, however… Have fun and make music, people!!! Enjoy!!

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