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Bogner Alchemist Tube Guitar Head

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Bogner Alchemist Tube Guitar Amplifier Head
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  • 6L6 class-AB power section and five-12AX7 preamp; selectable power section (40 or 20 watts)
  • Channel 1 (Gold): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Crunch mode, variable Bright, Deep switch; Channel 2 (Mercury): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, variable Bright, Mid Shift; Shared: in parallel, Reverb Type, Reverb Level, Delay Type, Delay Level, Delay Repeats (Feedback), Tap Tempo
  • Included four-button footswitch controls Channel Select, Boost, Delay and Reverb
  • Parallel effects loop
  • Eye-catching retro-modern fit-and-finish

Product DescriptionAlchemist â„¢ translates the vision of guitarist demanding gold. Articulate boasting sparkling cleans, touch and drive a bright and colorful crunch, is the all-tube, a modern alchemist, found a vintage amplifier design. Remarkable tonality it owes to a category 6L6-AB power section and five 12AX7. Timeless, however, must be the classic innovation, ingenuity and modern, of the same name, a majestic ancient mysticism. Alchemist shows two channel design, each channel with its own voice and identity. Start clean and fast, with an open top and tight bottom end, Channel 1 gradual opening to present simmering blues tones that churn like spirits in a cauldron. Progress towards saturation, Crunch will increase the heat, the perfect addition to malignancy by adding pick spontaneous generosity and tonal complexity. Channel 2, achieving critical mass, asked the famous white-hot Bogner-profit creamy, modern and screaming with sustainability, offering everything from Brit rock to modern metal. Plus, with variable settings may be bright, each channel can be individually adjusted to match the sound of guitar and rig. Monitor the selection section power, 40 with 20 watt, sound alchemist rapidly converted to a very different kind of magic. When switched to 20 watts learn alchemist full sound transformation, changing harmonic complexity and I think it is to reflect the essence of the legendary Sound Brown. Reverberation and Delay in variable styles and levels simultaneously separated from the original signal. The result is a rich living, breathing and full performance profile, which gives a complete tonal landscape. Alchemist also four button footswitch.
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