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THD Electronics 212XCPS 2-12 Office, Paisley

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THD Electronics 212XCPS 2-12 Cabinet, Paisley
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Price: $720.00

  • Voted Best Guitar Cabinet of All Time by the readers of Guitar Player Magazine!
  • Hand-built in the USA.
  • Loaded with one THD Vintavge 12″ speaker and one THD Longhorn 12″ speaker.
  • Total impedance is 8 ohms.
  • For every 2×12 cabinet sold, THD Electronics donates to American Forests to have two trees planted. Your purchase helps the environment!

Product DescriptionThe THD 2-12 Extension office is the key to the magic between the fingers and ears. A sound that is deep, smooth, clear, focused and sweet, this cabinet is truly an essential element in improving the chain. Porting Extension Cab is a bass reflex cabinet design with slot-port in the rear instead of the common tube port in front. Unlike a tube-port, there is no chance of “whistling” through the slot-port in THD cabinet. The port slot is flat, but great, great deal back projection and a more open, 3-D sound similar to a roadster back to a dramatically fuller, nearer the bottom. The THD cabinets made of 3 / 4 “birch 9-speed 1 / 2” birch ply baffle and rear panel. The angles are fingers strength and stiffness and diaphragm is to dadoed pages a very strong and sturdy housing. To eliminate noise found in other handles, THD uses steel inset handles that are extremely strong and does not rattle. Other components used in the cabinet as Switchcraft connectors because they offer a better connection to your speaker plug and steel jack dishes because they do not contradict or enforcement. Through speakers are wired with Belden wire, an industry standard, it sounds very high quality, strong and lasts a lifetime. Also shown in the outer shell is plated steel corners to deflect blows and large cast rubber feet that serve to reduce vibration. THD has designed a full sound, lightweight 2×12 speaker that the volume of 4×12 that can measure the power and visibility. It is a tight, clean, focused sound, it is less harsh, brash or thick. An amazing shimmer vintage, in a tight modern sound, the THD 2-12 Extension Speaker Cabinet offers you the elusive tone you’ve requested.
Price: $720.00
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