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Laney GS412IS 4×12 Straight Guitar Cab

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Laney GS412IS 4x12 Straight Guitar Cab
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Price: $549.00

  • 4x12in Celestion Seventy 80 Speakers
  • 320 Watt RMS Handling @ 16ohm
  • Double Paralleled Jacks
  • Recessed Side Handles
  • Castors Included

Product DescriptionDesigned with GH50L and GH100L all tube amp GS412IS be used (straight) offers the player a distinctly vintage sound cabinet with a nice recessed mid tone. Each mono GS412IS cabinet houses 4 x 12 “80 watt drivers and is a slice of gray front end and a federal government has black granite tolex with castors. GS412IS While cabinet designed to meet the requirements for the production of GH50L & GH100L Supplement heads can be used with a Laney guitar head with the tone you want to keep. Laney – Power To The Music
Price: $549.00
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