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Fryette Deliverance D412-P50E 200W 4×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black Straight

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Fryette Deliverance D412-P50E 200W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Black Straight
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Price: $1,099.00

  • Straight 4X12 cabinet with a vertical baffle
  • Mono-Stereo input capability
  • Tight focused low end
  • High power handling capacity
  • Front mounted design for wide sound dispersion

Product DescriptionThe Fryette release 412 D412-P50E speakers beautifully designed, sleek looking straight 4×12 cabinet with vertical diaphragm, mono-stereo entrance and option 4 or 16 ohm resistance to mono mode, 8 ohm / channel in stereo mode. Plug in coil included. The Deliverance loudspeakers series of high quality Baltic birch materials produced in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machine for assembly precision and bulletproof construction. The Fryette designed, produced, Eminence, 50-watt 12-inch speakers are mounted in front of a wide range. Before mounting the speaker, well-sealed housing permits, there is almost no leakage, which produces a tight focused bottom end. Our patented V-BRACE special technique that allows the discharge suit by a somewhat loose housing “old school sense of production, with a pleasant quality omnidirectional dispersion, while maintaining excellent low end response and durability.
Price: $1,099.00
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