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Cage FlexWave FW412B Guitar, 4 x 12 Straight

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Crate FlexWave FW412B Guitar Cabinet, 4 X 12 Straight
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Price: $299.99

  • 120 Watts RMS
  • 4 x 12-inch speakers
  • Mono/stereo operation
  • Straight front enclosure
  • Removable casters

Product DescriptionCrate, part of LOUD Technologies, Inc is a leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative products and solid support by means of the introduction was in 1970. Among the most important and prolific brands in acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and bass amplifiers are considered, Crate current range of products that keeps its focus on reliability and support for musicians worlwide. Amazon. com DescriptionRide size and the dragon of raw stereo with new speakers FW412A and FW412B. Compatible with any crate head, including the new FlexWave120H and planned for the next generation of rock players, the 4×12 “cabs on the side (FW412A available) and straight (FW412B) models and guaranteed to generate up to gale force air movement. With 120 watt power handling, the FW412A and FW412B work either in mono or stereo to a new FlexWave 4 or 8 Ohm. ‘s Crate Series reinvents the old school solid state amp as a modern, fire-breathing tone monster capable of producing the saturated overdrive today demand guitarist. FlexWave amplifiers feature an impressive response Evolution 5 â„¢ preamp, and in turn, Cascading Gain â„¢ technology for rich, articulate tone and playability, and Channel Tracking that remembers the consequences of your settings when switching between channel. Ability to a wide range of sounds from crystal clear cleans, and the White knucle distortion FlexWave proves there is no better value around.
Price: $299.99
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