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Basson B412-4 480 Watt Guitar Cabinet Black Angled

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Basson B412-4 480 Watt Guitar Cabinet, Black Angled
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Price: $715.00

  • Incredibly smooth tone
  • Air sealed with silicon
  • All joints reinforced with a 1-1/4″ brace
  • Tolex covered cabinet
  • 2 recessed metal 1/4″ inputs

Product DescriptionThe Basson B412 Guitar Cab is designed for smooth tone at extreme volume. The enclosure is air sealed with silicone to maintain a consistent volume of air to avoid creating an air spring to the sound of most speakers travel. The result is less speaker distortion when you play low and loud. This agreement with 300W power handling of the connection ensures a cabin quite low for the 7-string enthusiast and clear enough for the soloist clear sound. An amazing 480W output. Detachable wheels.
Price: $715.00
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