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TC Electronic RH450 450W Bass Head with TubeTone, SpectraComp, onboard tuner and presets

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TC Electronic RH450 450W Bass Amp Head with TubeTone, SpectraComp, Onboard Tuner and Presets
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Price: $999.00

  • Adapt your sound to your instrument and preferred music style in a snap (presets, tuner, TubeTone, SpectraComp per string compression)
  • Ultra portable due to size, weight, auto-sensing PSU and built-in tuner
  • control your sound in any application with rehearsal input, recording output and DI output
  • 3 user memories easily switch between your 4- and 5-string basses, or your Rickenbacker and Fender Jazz
  • Flexible Tone Controls voiced to give you plenty of tweaking options to nail the perfect tone

Product DescriptionWith Active Power Management â„¢, the bass amplifier RH450 behaves very much like a tube amp with 450 Watt power. The device has a traditional tone control, but also covers the provision of innovative features to the amplifier actually a very good personality and own. TubeTone â„¢ mimics all the features of a traditional tube circuitry to deliver an unparalleled wealth of experience, while SpectraComp â„¢ offers better compression quality of the studio for a live situation. With the “per series” compression SpectraComp â„¢ offers more bite and punch than any other compressor in any other bass amp system. It is significant that even with the fast sound great players and just the right pitch with RebelHead450 on-board receiver . With a receiver is a fundamental need for bass players, but so many other A-systems lack this basic requirement.
Price: $999.00
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