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EBS TD650 Tube Definition Bass Head Tube & Solid State

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EBS TD650 Tube Definition Bass Head Tube & Solid State
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Price: $1,839.00

  • Switchable tube/solid State
  • Drive control
  • Unique tube suspension system
  • Compressor/Limiter .
  • Extremely powerful 4-band EQ

Product Description The EBS TD650 is a compact and powerful package, loaded with tube, solid-state technology and MOSFET. This uncompromising amplifier satisfy any requirement of the most versatile bass players. The TD650 includes a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids, notch filter, compressor, bright filter, pure overdrive section and further that the unique EBS Phantom Power System, with balanced output XLR, character filter, speaker simulator, line-out and contains a serial / parallel effects loop. The Board may overdrive the tube or solid state-selected function, employment or pure tube drive or solid state tube emulation, to create your sound. EBS TD650 Tube Definition Bass Head Features: * Serial and parallel effects loop floating balanced output XLR * Built-in speaker simulator * 9-volt EBS Phantom Power System * Active Smart Cooling System * 650W rated power MOSFET transistor
Price: $1,839.00
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