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Behringer BXR1800H Bass Head

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Behringer ULTRABASS BXR1800H Bass Head (Standard)
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Price: $179.99

Product DescriptionThe BEHRINGER ULTRABASS BXR1800H is a bass amp head that provides 180W of punch. The rack-BXR1800H amp produces large-Bootie bottom with crystalline medium and high. Jack in the Clean channel for an open, uplifting sound or use the Distortion channel for an overdrive that sends shivers down spines. Extensive tone shaping tools like the 7-band EQ and FBQ Spectrum Analyzer to create a unique sound that is yours. Acclaimed Behringer ULTRABASS subharmonic processor reinforces the extremely low bass foundation. The integrated amplifier BXR1800H compressor normalize volume peaks while the musical Limiter maintains distortion-free levels. The included dual footswitch is a real bonus, letting you select channels and start functioning ULTRABASS bass amp at the top of the foot to open.
Price: $179.99
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2 Responses

001: Tall Paul,

March 8th, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Nice features. This amp doesn’t like active basses with “hot” pickups. There is an active switch but it cuts too much of the signal when activated. There was noticeable distortion through the speakers. When I was using my passive bass I blew a power capacitor but it was fixed for free. I bought this amp when it first came out I am sure GK addressed this issue. There is an XLR output for a PA system that sounded great in live situations. But when I was in a recording session the XLR output was useless. The engineer said there too much noise coming from the jack.

002: M. Yatabe,

March 8th, 2010 at 10:37 pm

I was actively playing shows as part of a succession of bands for about an eight year span of time, and for about six of those years the 800RB bass head was my rig. It went through several levels of hell; clubs, outdoor shows, extreme temps, extreme moisture, etc… and it was a steady and dependable performer. I never had to have it serviced and it never quit on me.

While the amp is rated at 400 watts total, it should be made absolutely clear that this is really two amplifiers (300/100) in a single unit. It states clearly in the manual that you should never hook up both amplifier outputs to the same speaker. There’s a pre-amp section that includes a basic EQ, a switchable effects loop out/in, a master volume/gain, and a footswitchable boost(loudness) adjustment as well. The boost adjustment is great because it can provide you with some pretty good distortion options.

The style of music I was mainly playing was hard rock/metal, but also used the amp for industrial/electro-rock and a little bit of jazzy lounge music. The 800RB has just enough adjustments available via the EQ section and the preamp/gain knobs so that it can deliver a wide variety of tonal options. It truly excels, however, when you’re going with straight ahead rock. I liked to set mine with the “California Smile” EQ (boost the 60hz and 4khz and “scoop” out everything else…) which the 800RB was able to accomodate perfectly.

I was using the dual amp configuration to run both a Mesa/Boogie 4×10″ PowerHouse 8ohm cab along with a 1×15″ of indeterminate make/model. In the bigger clubs with weak or non-existent PA’s, I did have trouble with filling the room, but I think that had more to do with my speaker setup than the amplifier itself. I was able to keep up with the guys that were running the Ampeg 215/SVT rigs, and the additional bite of overdrive distortion was similar to what they could acheive with their tube amps.

One thing though – after I purchased the amp I immediately secured it in a dedicated hard plastic roadcase with enough room to breathe on top and underneath, and I think that made all the difference in the world regarding it’s durability.

I would definitely recommend this amplifier to anybody that wants a fairly simple, maintenance-free, and durable bass amp head to play in the practice space or take on the road. The 800RB has a well-deserved reputation as one of THE choices for ‘Gig Warriors’, and having used one as the heart of my rig for more than 1000 hours of playing and full volume practice, I can attest to it’s ability to back up the reputation.

However, if you’re looking for an amp head that is clean and pristine enough to use as a recording rig, you might want to go with something a little more high-end, because the one issue that I encountered with this amp head is that it has slightly ‘noisy’ electronics that can create some sound issues when you’re using it plugged straight into the board.

So, while this amp may not have as many knobs or pretty lights as some of the other amps out there, it’s got enough functions/adjustments to satisfy most bassists, and it’s purpose-built so that it will never break.

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