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Behringer BXR1800H Bass Head

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Behringer ULTRABASS BXR1800H Bass Head (Standard)
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Price: $179.99

Product DescriptionThe BEHRINGER ULTRABASS BXR1800H is a bass amp head that provides 180W of punch. The rack-BXR1800H amp produces large-Bootie bottom with crystalline medium and high. Jack in the Clean channel for an open, uplifting sound or use the Distortion channel for an overdrive that sends shivers down spines. Extensive tone shaping tools like the 7-band EQ and FBQ Spectrum Analyzer to create a unique sound that is yours. Acclaimed Behringer ULTRABASS subharmonic processor reinforces the extremely low bass foundation. The integrated amplifier BXR1800H compressor normalize volume peaks while the musical Limiter maintains distortion-free levels. The included dual footswitch is a real bonus, letting you select channels and start functioning ULTRABASS bass amp at the top of the foot to open.
Price: $179.99
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